<font size="+1">Remote Nuclear Fusion!</font>
Remote Nuclear Fusion!
Nuclear Fusion Energy Without the Mess

Remote Nuclear Fusion is a way to satisfy our planet's energy needs using the physics of nuclear fusion without suffering from the problems inherent in terrestrial nuclear fusion technology.

Tremendous resources are being used to develop technology for nuclear fusion
here on Earth. Formidable challenges include how to keep the reaction going and how to
keep it from going out of control. Tremendous levels of radiation would be
produced, including those that are lethal to humans. Toxic and radioactive
byproducts would be produced, and we know of no way to isolate people and other
creatures from these hazards. These are serious problems and even with more research and more technology, we may still never find a way around them.

So, let's have the fusion reactor somewhere in outer space!

Research is proposed on 4 fronts:

1. How to start nuclear fusion reactions in outer space
2. How to assemble the materials and fuels at the remote site
3. How to beam the energy produced to Earth
4. How to collect the beamed energy and convert it into forms we can use

Please contact us at infoXatXremotenuclearfusionX.orXg
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P.S. Items 1-3 have already been accomplished.